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The Location Guide, Filmmakers for Ukraine and EUFCN join forces for fundraiser at Cannes 2022

Patricia Cruz



The Location Guide, Filmmakers for Ukraine and EUFCN are organising a fundraising
campaign at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in support of the Ukrainian filmmaking
community. Ukrainian lapel pins will be sold during Cannes Film Festival at events and
pavilions, and a minimum donation of EUR10 is required by scanning a QR code.

“I am pleased to join forces with Filmmakers for Ukraine as we wanted to support an
initiative that directly assists Ukrainian filmmakers in a swift and transparent manner,” says
Clara Le, The Location Guide’s commercial director. “We are reaching out to the
international filmmaking community at Cannes and will be aiming to raise as much money
as possible during the festival.”

Launched by Crew United, Filmmakers for Ukraine is an independent European
group of filmmakers that gathered after the start of the war in Ukraine. The group
created an online platform – an information hub with different kinds of support
(accommodation, legal
assistance, work, education) – for all those affected by the war, paying special
attention to the country’s film community alongside people from socially marginalised
groups (LGBTQ+, BPOC, women, children and national minorities). The team is in
daily contact with many people who turn to them for help.

“Our actual mission is to connect people to make films together,” details Crew United’s
managing partner Oliver Zenglein, “but right now it is just more important to bring people
together to help those affected by the war.”

EUFCN – the European Film Commissioners Network – is a non-profit association that
supports the European film industry and culture. The EUFCN aims to develop the exchange

of information between its members, improving location research and shooting possibilities
while supporting and encouraging the establishment of new Film Commissions.

“The European Film Commissions Network is part of our mission to create and join
initiatives to actively support the film industry in Europe,” emphasises EUFCN’s managing
director Angelica Cantisani. “In these sad and difficult times, we look to connect even
stronger and to raise engagement in the support of Ukrainian filmmakers and Ukraine.”

Filmmakers for Ukraine – Fundraising Statement

  • The most important elements of our campaign are:
  • supporting filmmakers
  • helping quickly (for example, sending money by PayPal directly to individual
  • filmmakers in need)
  • avoiding unnecessary formalities, minimalising administrative costs, and
  • maintaining full transparency
  • Our Ukrainian lapel pins will be available at the following Cannes locations:
  • UPC (French Producers Cinema)
  • Le SPI (French Producers TV & Cinema)
  • The American Pavilion
  • Film USA Pavilion
  • Southern Sweden at Members Lounge Long Beach
  • Film France CNC (National Center for Cinema)
  • Croatian Audiovisual Centre at Members Lounge Long Beach
  • CST (Higher Technical Commission for Sound and Images)
  • FOCUS London and makers & shakers Awards mixer
  • German Pavilion
  • Austria Pavilion

More locations will be added soon. If you have a pavilion or an event at Cannes, and would
like to get involved in this fundraiser, then please contact:

In solidarity,

The Location Guide, Filmmakers for Ukraine and EUFCN

About The Location Guide
For over 25 years, The Location Guide has been a world leader in global location filming
production content and contacts. The organisation publishes up-to-date information and
contacts in print, online, via social media and through events and awards ceremonies that
are used by productions for filming on location around the world. The organisation provides
the global screen production industries with unparalleled production resources across a
range of brands: makers magazine, FOCUS and makers and shakers awards.
The Location Guide’s makers magazine features interviews, comments and opinions from
leading figures in production, celebrating the very best in film, commercials and TV
production. FOCUS is a live and digital event aimed at all the creative screen industries. It is
the only UK trade event where attendees can meet with content makers, film commissions,
production services and locations providers from over 80 countries. Held annually at BAFTA,
the makers and shakers awards recognise and honour ground-breaking ideas and initiatives
from players across the spectrum of the global creative screen industries. All entries are
free, and professionals from across the world’s advertising, TV, film, animation, and gaming
sectors are encouraged to enter or nominate their peers. Further information is available at:

About Filmmakers for Ukraine

Established by an independent European group of filmmakers, Filmmakers for Ukraine is a
platform that offers help for filmmakers and minorities from Ukraine and all people are
affected by the war. The group collects and checks important and current information from

across Europe and publishes in via their online hub. The creation of Filmmakers For
Ukraine was made possible thanks to the support of the German networking platform
Crew United, which provided technological support and know-how as well as gigantic
networking in the form of more than 42 thousand contacts to the European
audiovisual industry. Among the more than 40 volunteers from 15 countries who
have been working for 6
weeks on various forms of assistance, there are also Ukrainian filmmakers who are
in exile and those who are still in Ukraine. Further information is available at:


EUFCN nurtures and supports information exchange between its members, alongside
carrying out professional and educational training schemes and generating guidelines for
Film Commissions. The organisation was formed when a group of film commissioners who
wanted to share information and learn from one another’s experiences met in Malaga in

  1. The group voiced their desire to establish the foundations for this organisation, which
    is devoted to the business of facilitating film production activity. In Berlin, in 2005, they
    signed the Berlin Declaration for the constitution of the European Film Commissions
    Network. The association was officially registered in Brussels in March of 2007 and the first
    Board of Directors was elected at the first general assembly in Prague in November of 2007.

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For those not ready to go to the doctor or looking for support, mental health startups Europe offer help through apps.

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